• TroyAnna Green

Fall into Autumn Fashion

The sun is starting to set earlier, the air has gotten a bit crisper, and the leaves are beginning to change colors. Summer is over babes, but the fall fashion trends have just begun! Here’s the Epic Lust guide to the hottest styles this fall:

Gold: Why not be bold in gold? There are already enough gray days in fall. Add a pop of vibrancy to your wardrobe by wearing a mustard hue. Whether as an accessory or a statement piece, it compliments any complexion and adds a bit of a shine to any outfit!

Cardigans & Coats: Flex while you flap your coat tail; they will watch you walk away sis. Fall is the perfect time to bring those cardigans and coats out of hibernation. You’ll look fly and feel warm at the same time, so this fashion trend is both fierce and functional! 

Booties: If you’re going to step on these haters’ necks, you may as well do it in style. A bootie heel is the perfect height for most settings and activities. From class to church, from work to twerk, booties always take an ensemble to the next level! 

Satin: Yes, you can wear satin outside of the bedroom. I repeat, satin isn’t just for your bonnet and lingerie boo. Strut your stuff this fall, and embrace your inner sexy by showing out in a satin top, dress, or bottoms. They’ll beg for your time, but you’ll be on your own vibe!

Asymmetrical necklines: Why shoot for ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Make them do a double take this season by mixing it up with an asymmetrical neckline. Off the shoulder looks are fun and flirty trends that will take your shirt, dress, or jumpsuit to the next level!

While these aren’t all of the trends for this season, they certainly are a starting point for elevating your wardrobe and helping you to stunt on these heauxs. As always babes, take care of yourselves. And of course, happy shopping!!!


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